Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Job Posting Filled, My Friends

The other day, I remarked that with the retirement of one of my most memorable teachers, the dietetics faculty didn't have that all-important "quirky" professor - you know, the one who doesn't notice a spider in her hair or whose toupee is holding on by just one piece of tape as it flaps in the breeze created by a vent or who gives you a test from the wrong class and refuses to accept that it happened.

As I left that day, I looked down at my hands to see a wad of clean toilet paper and a coaster (no idea why I picked them up on my way out of the office).  I couldn't help but laugh - apparently, the reason for the silence in the room after my remark was not my slight insensitivity towards the retired professor but a group realization that the post has already been adequately filled.

Hey - at least my students will remember me, right?

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